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2009 - Disease & My Personal Health Journey After many years of life's accomplishments, objection, challenges, and defending my decisions my own health was failing. In December of 2009 I learned I had Celiac disease which is an auto-immune disease from an allergy to gluten. After all the years of dealing with food allergies and behavior, I had not heard of Celiac disease. It can be hereditary but mostly is triggered by stress, anxiety, lack of proper nutrition and poor immunity. It was clear allergies were common in my family history and I had removed dairy from my diet which improved my digestive system, but my gut health was on a slow decline.

By the time I spoke with a nutritionist, I was unable to eat hardly enough food to get out of bed in the morning. I had lost a lot of weight and very under weight which left me malnutrition, exhausted, and with poor brain function. My health turned around drastically once I ate started eating a gluten-free diet. No dairy, no gluten and I had the energy to keep up with my active lifestyle.

Being a doTERRA Wellness Advocate is all about helping people simplify being healthy. Now that I have natural alternatives for cleaning and wellness, I can't imagine using products that are toxic in my home and for personal care. 

I'm certified to offer the AromaTouch Technique as a gentle relaxing and cleansing experience. Along with a healthy lifestyle, it's a safe way to help remove toxicity in the body.

2013 - Becoming a Health Coach For two years before enrolling at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) I wanted to learn more about nutrition. To my surprise, I had so much more to learn about overall health wellness and lifestyle. Once the program started I knew my studies and personal stories of healing can help others.  Pain, disease, stress and food conflict is a daily struggle for many but it can be improved through a healthy lifestyle. The continued support from IIN and other classmates help me tremendously in my career.

My biography

1993 - My fourth child. Life was going along just fine. I was happy to be a mother for the fourth time. I and my three children were healthy or so I thought. I was as engaged with my kids as fully possible. But after my youngest son was born, my commitment and role as a mother were turned completely upside down. Now I call this tumultuous time a blessing. 

Within months of his birth, he seemed different and required constant attention and years of struggling to keep him happy and calm. Through research and taking alternative approaches to his healthcare, I learned that he had serious allergies to food, household, and personal care products, as well as antibiotics and toxic metals in vaccinations. There is more to the story that has led me to my role as a health coach and wellness advocate. For more of my story