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Making Good Broth

Any broth is so good for you. Just like your mom and perhaps your grandmother told you, and for good reasons they knew best. It doesn't even matter if your broth is made from all just vegetables, or with bones or both. They all have healing properties. For best richness in vitamins and minerals, use local produce and free range meat and nothing processed.

I eat broth nearly every day no matter the weather. It doesn't have to be winter and cold outside to benefit. As a matter of fact, eating broth regularly, should be considered preventative medicine.

That's right medicine in terms of natural from the healthy fat, it's healing and cleansing capabilities. 

To make this easy chicken broth recipe go to


This is a bowl of my chicken bone broth, recipe from the Nourishing Traditions cookbook. This broth is so easy. Besides a 3-4lb. chicken, all you need is carrots, celery, onion, apple cider vinegar, and some parsley. It is a nice dark in color.

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